Things to consider:

  • This class will offer lots of options so you can pick and choose what feels best in your body.
  • You are your best teacher.
  • Listen to your body, if you feel sharp pain or discomfort stop.
  • Feel free to ask questions.
  • Honor your body and do what feels best on any given day.
  • Do what you can. Try not to compare your ability to other students.
  • Use what is around you for support: a wall, chair, edge of coach, blankets, pillows.
  • Feel free to put your mic on mute and listen to soft music while following along.

Where to practice / camera set-up:

  • Class is led with mostly verbal cues, so no need to look at the camera most of the time.
  • Place the camera on or near the floor to make it easier to see your full body.
  • Try to have your mat and all your body visible in camera when standing.
  • I recommend a computer camera over a phone because a larger screen is easier to see.
  • Place the camera to the right of your body and the long edge of your mat.
  • Near a wall can be helpful especially when working on balance.
  • Classes start right on time so arrive 10 minutes early to get the camera set up.
  • There will be a few minutes after class to answer any questions.