8 Week Yoga Course - Spring Term - Mondays
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In this 8 week course, the focus will be on One-Legged Downward Facing Dog (One-Legged Dog). One-Legged Dog can be a challenging pose for the legs and shoulders along with the added challenge of balancing on one leg. It takes upper body strength and flexibility too. In this course we will work on creating more flexibility in the hamstrings and building strength in our wrists, back, and shoulders. We will explore many different variations of One-Legged Dog so you can find the best variation for your body. Each class will end with breathing and relaxation to help unwind and recharge. This class is for all bodies, abilities and all genders. Come as you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

Recommended props: a yoga mat, 2 blocks, sturdy chair, blankets, and pillows or cushions.

This class meets via zoom and a link and reminder will be sent to you weekly. If you can not make it to the live class a recording will be sent for you to follow along at a later date.

*Want to register after the course has already started? Simply email before registering to receive a code for the price to be prorated.

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